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How can I immigrate to Chile?

I lived in chile for 3 years between 2011 and 2014 and I found the process quiet easy. Moreover if you come from Europe or US, you fluently speak english, you understand Spanish and you have a degree from a Eu/US university.

I arrived in Chile as a tourist and found a 4 month internship within 2 weeks. I think that the internship is a good option to start since it will help you a to build a network. In Chile, everything is about networking. You will find job because of a friend of someone you know that has a company, etc.

While I was doing my internship, I still was under tourist Visa, so I left Chile every three month. I never had any trouble at the custom, despite the many stamps in my passport.

Only after 9 month I could find a fix job. Having a contract allowed me to ask for a working VISA.
Based on this experience, I can give you the following hints

be careful since you are not allowed to be in Chile with a tourist VISA and look for jobs. I've never heard of anyone having trouble, but just for you to know.
I waited to have a contract to ask for a working Visa, this is not the best option since in this case, the employer will have to include some clauses in the contract (eg. he has to pay to you and your family a flight to leave chile). Usually they don't like it and it can prevent them to hire a foreigner.
The best is to have company writing you a work promise or something like that. With this letter, you can then go to the immigration office ask for a working VISA that won't be linked to any contract. So you will be legally allowed to stay for one year in Chile, to search for job and the future employer won't have to pay your flight out of Chile at the end of the contract.
Finally, you can make the whole VISA process more efficient by not doing it in Santiago. From Santiago, take a 1 hour bus ride to the south outside of the Region Metropolitana and do your process in one of those small town (if I remember well, Rancagua has the infrastructure).