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Александр Александр
AMAZING British Airways approach over sunny London with landing in Heathrow

On the approach to London you get a perfect view of the Shard , Lodon Tower, Big Ben, Thames River, London Eye, St. Pauls and much more.

#England #Britain #London... Continue reading »
Fowler Fowler
Kiwis Pay the Price as 2,400 People Arrive Each Week

Rt Hon Winston Peters

New Zealand First Leader

Member of Parliament for Northland

House prices continue to rise in Auckland and in the regions, yet the government is doing nothing about over 2,400 people arriving weekly which is contributing to housing demand, says New Zealand First.

“National continues to hold the door wide open to the world, without a though... Continue reading »
Hi I would like to visit London - some time ago when parrents used to drag me out from USSR - actually stopes at Heathrow but we stayed for couple hours....and did not get a real view of the city....maybe when I make some the US - I come over to England for vacation..
Lawyer in Kyrgyzstan Lawyer in Kyrgyzstan
Ruslan Kolodenskiy Ruslan Kolodenskiy
Looking for work as photographer, retousher or designer in a European country or USA.
At the moment I live in Ukraine.
Will consider all offers.

My portfolio:
Антон Черкасов Антон Черкасов
Heidrun Sigurdardottir
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